Hey golfers! Start your Exercise Training Now to Improve your Golf Game and Prevent Injury!

by Sally Caldwell, DPT
TPI-Medical Provider
Clinical Director, Phoenixville

With golf season over, now is the time to prepare for the next golf season. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf exercise training program will improve your golf game, prevent injury, and make you healthier overall. Few golfers emphasize exercise to improve their golf game and prevent injury.

However, as we age (past 30 years), we lose 1.5-5% of strength and power annually if we don’t exercise. (Curtis, J Cell Physiol. 2015) We also lose balance, flexibility, and range of motion at a similar rate.

These negative changes in our physical performance will not only impact our overall health but will significantly reduce our performance on the golf course. The loss of range of motion, strength, and power reduces club head speed and therefore our ability to hit a golf ball far.
The reduced balance and postural control impact our short game in chipping and putting. Add this together, and our golf performance deteriorates with age.


At Mishock PHYSICAL THERAPY & Associates, our doctorate-level TPI-certified physical therapists will perform a thorough physical movement exam to assess movement limitations and weaknesses.

We will provide a customized exercise prescription to meet your individual needs. The TPI exercise training program is scientifically proven to improve; strength, power, flexibility, balance, and postural control.

These changes will help you improve your golf game, prevent injury, and return you to a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s make next year your best year ever on the golf course.

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