What is Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, and how can it help me?

Mishock PT & Associates is now offering Pelvic Floor Rehab in our Boyertown clinic, and Phoenixville.

In the United States, individuals are led to believe that pelvic pain, urinary leakage, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, and the feelings of “damage” to their body after pregnancy are the “norm.” These outdated ideas can make a huge impact on mental and physical health in a negative way. This is not limited to just women.

Fortunately, pelvic floor physical therapists can coach all people regardless of identified gender through their concerns with techniques that target pressure systems, musculoskeletal posture, myofascial, nervous system, and movement dysfunction.

Common conditions such as chronic low back, hip, and pelvic pain, moderate to severe cramps, and recurrent urinary tract infections can be signs of pelvic floor dysfunction. If not treated appropriately, these conditions can lead to chronic injuries, faulty postures and movement, and bad bladder habits, which have a negative effect on the nervous system.

Over time, the nervous system is sent into overdrive and sends excessive signals to the brain that the body is in crisis (aka pain) when it actually is not. With breathing training, relaxation methods, neuromuscular re-education, and manual techniques with a pelvic floor physical therapist, these problems can be prevented and resolved.

Too often, individuals who desire to be pregnant, are pregnant, or are in the postpartum stage of their pregnancy have pelvic floor dysfunction that can be prevented. What they don’t know is that they do not have to settle for living with weakness, pain, scars, prolapse, and bowel/bladder leakage.
A physical therapist who is trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation can walk you through activating the proper core muscles, soft tissue and scar mobilizations, and bladder retraining. Moms should no longer be left behind during this beautiful, pivotal life process!

Last but not least, let’s talk about incontinence. Raise your hand if you have any of the following experiences throughout your day: rushing to the bathroom several times or every time you put the key in the lock, avoiding water intake to try to reduce the amount of times you go at work, avoiding the fun group fitness class at the gym because you’re afraid of leaking with the jumps, saying no to road trips because you don’t want to burden the driver to “stop and pee,” or wearing uncomfortable pads/depends to keep yourself dry “just in case.”

This does not need to be your reality. Many times, these issues are due to a pelvic floor muscle imbalance and poor bladder habits that can be identified and modified with the guidance of a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Let our dedicated therapists, Jessica Duke, DPT, and Monica Hallman, PTA, help you find personalized, whole body integrative treatments and techniques to suit your needs. Pelvic floor physical therapy involves comprehensive, collaborative examination of medical history, movement patterns, breathing and core stability relationships.

We also perform internal and external assessment of pelvic floor, lumbar, and hip muscle tightness and strength in the privacy of a treatment room. We want to help restore your confidence and ability to overcome your obstacles!

If you or someone you know is struggling with any of these conditions,

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