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Can ACL Knee Injuries be Prevented in Female Athletes

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) knee injuries occur 4-6 times more frequent in female athletes than in male athletes playing the same sports. It is believed that the difference in neuromuscular control, or the way our muscles contract and react, is one of four primary factors contributing to why women are more susceptible to knee injuries […]

Long Term Athletic Development: Is There a Better Way to Approach Youth Athletic Development? Part 3

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is a model created by Dr. Istvan Balyi to guide the athletic development process from pre-puberty through retirement. The LATD model helps to teach proper physical literacy and improvement of athleticism through proper skill movements learned in a sequential and progressive program design. These components will help an athlete become […]

Long Term Athletic Development: Is There a Problem with Early Specialization in Sports? Part 2

Research by numerous national governing bodies including, the United States Olympic Committee, and many others has proven that early specialization in sports actually prevents an athlete from reaching their full potential. The lack of development of physical literacy (ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities) and proper athletic […]

Reduce Overuse Injury and Minimize Burn Out in Youth and Adolescent Athletes: Part 2

Overuse injury occurs due to submaximal repetitive loading of the body (muscle-tendon unit, ligaments, joints, bone, bursa, growth plate) when rest is not adequate to allow for those structures to adapt and recover. This incomplete recovery leads to poor athletic performance, reduced physical development, overuse injuries and burn out. Thus, competition and training errors are […]

Guidelines to Prevent Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Youth and Adolescent Baseball Players

Approximately, 3-4 million children and adolescence between the ages of 4 and 17 participate in organized baseball throughout the country. Many of these young athletes develop elbow and/or shoulder pain commonly seen in physical therapy clinics and orthopedic surgeon’s offices throughout the country. Major League Baseball and USA Baseball have teamed up to educate and […]