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Try Physical Therapy First! – Seeing a Physical Therapist First for Musculoskeletal Pain Improves Outcomes and Saves Money

By Dr. John R. Mishock, PT, DPT, DC   Why Should I See a Physical Therapist First Through Direct Access? Musculoskeletal disorders are injuries or disorders affecting the body's movement or the musculoskeletal system, secondary to pain or limited function. These disorders cost the health care system over 800 billion dollars and are the second [...]

Try Physical Therapy First! – Direct Access Improves Outcomes and SAVES MONEY

By Dr. John R. Mishock, PT, DPT, DC Studies show that seeing a physical therapist first through direct access can: improve musculoskeletal pain faster; reduce or remove the need for some types of musculoskeletal surgery; reduce opioid use; improve patient satisfaction; reduce expensive medical testing; and help patients get needed treatment faster. (Physical Therapy, 2017) […]

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