Pre-Season/Winter Workout Throwing Program Guideline:

Dr. John R. Mishock, PT, DPT, DC

1. Dynamic warm up: Perform the dynamic warm-up prior to throwing.

2. Throw and holds: Hold baseball and go through throwing motion without releasing the ball (10 times).

3. Rest-recovery: After each set of throws, rest 60-90 sec. (Perform push-ups, front planks, side planks)

4. Phase progression: Progress to the next phase of the program each week if no arm soreness.

5. Arm care program: Perform shoulder strengthening and core exercises following each session of the throwing program.

6. Frequency: 2-3 days per week with 1 rest day between throwing days.

7. Younger baseball players: Modify program based on level.

8. Stop throwing: If there is arm soreness that does not reduce following first 10 throws. If there is elbow or shoulder pain.


Distance of throws (feet) ½kneeling throws Crow-hop or slide-step throws Pitching from mound or mound distance

Intensity or effort of throws

I 15-30 5-10 throws

(15 feet)

5-15 throws

(20-40 feet)

5-15 throws 50% (light)
II 30-50 5-10 throws

(20-30 feet)

10-15 throws

(40-60 feet)

15-25 throws 50%-75% (light-mod)
III 50-80 5-10 throws

(20-30 feet)

15-25 throws at

(60-80 feet)

25-40 throws 75% (mod)
IV 80-150+ 5-10 throws

(20-40 feet)

15-25 throws at

(60-100 feet)

25-40 throws

Add off-speed pitches

75%-90% (mod-high)
V 90-150+


10 throws

(20-50 feet)

15-25 throws

(60-150 feet)

On a line


Add off-speed pitches

90% (high)
VII Batting practice pitching 60 to 100 pitches
VII Simulated game: 50 to 100 pitches with gradual increase in velocity. 2. 5-7 innings 3. 22-27 pitches per inning including 10-15 fastballs. 4. 6 minutes rest between innings.

This program is a guide for softball or baseball players during pre-season or winter workouts. The goal is to build throwing tolerance to reduce or eliminate elbow and shoulder injuries and improve throwing performance.

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