Megan Repko, MPT

Megan Repko, MPT Clinical Director of Gilbertsville Office Megan received her Bachelor of Arts degree and Master’s in Physical Therapy at Temple University and has trained at various rehab and acute care facilities in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. Upon receiving her PT degree and license to practice in Pennsylvania, Megan took a position at […]

Ryan DeLong, DPT, MS

Ryan DeLong, DPT, MS   Dr. Ryan Delong’s motivation to study physical therapy stemmed from a passion for science, anatomy, and exercise. While he was working at Mishock Physical Therapy as an exercise physiologist, he received clarity that his previous experience and education all pointed towards physical therapy. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree […]

Patti Curci, PT, MBA, AIB-VR

Patti Curci, PT, MBA, AIB-VR   Patti Curci realized she wanted to become a physical therapist in high school. She developed a condition in her ankle called Osteochondritis Dissecans where she underwent 2 ankle surgeries, followed by physical therapy. She loved watching how the therapist worked with her to enable her return to her favorite […]

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